Benefits of Dental Implants in New Jersey Residents

Dental implants are one of the most groundbreaking treatments ever devised in the dental world. They are considered as a “natural” solution to teeth loss because, as attested to by people who have them, they feel and look as though their own teeth are still intact. This type of dental treatment is surgical, as it substitutes the roots of the missing teeth. Oftentimes, a dental implant NJ residents undergo will either be for self-improvement or for the proper functioning of teeth.

Dental implants are often made from titanium–a “screw” that’s surgically mounted into the jawbone. Oftentimes, the dentist would use a tiny bone from the patient’s hip or leg to shape in the jawbone. Some dentists would just use an artificial bone substitute as it induces the body to produce a new bone around the mounted site.

There are basically two types of dental implants being used today. The first one is the endosteal, which means “in the bone” and is also the most commonly-used implant. Screws, cylinders, and blades are mounted surgically into the jawbone, with each implant having prosthetic teeth. This type of implant is a great substitute for dental patients with removable dentures or tooth bridges.

The second one is the subperiosteal, which means “on the bone”. This type of implant is for dental patients who have marginal bone height and those who can’t wear conventional dentures. The artificial tooth is surgically mounted on top of the patient’s jaw and the metal framework is often distended through the gum in order to fasten the prosthesis.

Advantages of Having Dental Implants

Residents who are thinking of having dental implants in New Jersey will find it encouraging to know that New Jersey boasts one of the most reliable and trusted dental practitioners who offer dental implant services, Dr. Sam Romano. You need not hesitate about having the procedure done to improve your appearance; you can finally have a genuinely beautiful smile that people can admire. Patients who have dental implants have noticed a marked improvement in speech over the years. Eating no longer poses problems either—you can eat practically anything you want since implants function like normal teeth. Gradual bone loss and jawbone shrinkage will also cease as the roots become more functional.

Orthodontists who provide tooth replacement say that dental implants in NJ are proven to be 90 percent effective, and that most New Jersey residents can attest to the improved oral health they’ve experienced after getting dental implants. Visit for more information about dental implant benefits.