Brave New World

Aldous Huxley wrote Brave New World in 1931 about a world that was far from what would have been considered “normal.” Here we are in 2020 living and working in a world where the word “normal” seems to have lost all meaning. The disruption caused by the pandemic feels dystopic.  In the face of  COVID-19 we all have  been challenged, and our ability to adapt has truly been put to the test. So how do you maintain your dental health through this crisis? For my office and patients, I have upgraded to include extensive PPE, HEPA Filters, disinfecting UV lights, new aerosol suction systems, and anti-microbial foggers to provide the highest level of safety for my patents and my staff. I have invested in these protocols so my patients can feel confident in safely maintaining their dental health. I have always invested heavily in education and state of the art technology to provide the best dental care while keeping everyone safe.  As a sedation dentist, I have seen many patients postpone dental care because of fear and anxiety, and the results have been tragic and expensive. I would never want my patients who I have been diligently treating for 35 years, to have to resort to such measures. I guess it all comes down to a matter of trust, which is why I have devoted my time to equipping my office with the safest technologies to brave this new “normal” we are currently living in. For more information about  our practice, please visit