Caring for the Dental Implants New Jersey Patients Have

Everybody wants to have a good and clean set of teeth not only for aesthetic purposes, but also for optimal dental health. Fortunately, there are various dental treatments that provide solutions for people suffering from misaligned, chipped or missing teeth. One such solution is getting dental implants New Jersey residents swear by.

Implants can greatly improve the appearance of one’s teeth and overall dental health. Aside from having a complete set of teeth that helps properly regulate chewing and biting, dental implants also contribute to self-esteem by making you happier and more confident about your smile. If you have implants, it will be necessary to take steps to keep them in good condition and make them last for a long time. Dental implant care is crucial for your oral health as they take on the function of your real teeth.

If you have undergone a dental implant procedure recently, it would be best to have a soft diet for the first week after the treatment. This is because eating soft foods – like fruits or cereals – will not get in the way of the implant’s osseo-integration or the implant’s integration to the jaw bone. Consequently, you should also avoid the intake of meat, nuts, and other hard solid foods. Drinking lots of water is recommended.

Since the dental implants NJ residents opt for are similar to real teeth, they should be brushed frequently. They should be brushed and flossed twice each day. You can use a gauze or special floss to clean around your teeth as well. Make sure to use a soft bristled brush with a bendable handle to thoroughly clean in between the teeth and the back of the mouth. It would also be good to use an oral irrigation device for extra deep cleaning.

Some dentists also prescribe chlorhexidine gluconate mouthwash for dental implants. This mouthwash is a special germicidal wash that eliminates bacteria in the mouth. Although it has an unpleasant taste, the mouthwash is powerful enough to reduce the risk of post-operative infection for patients will newly installed implants. The mouthwash is used for at least one month. You can also ask your dentist if you need to use this mouthwash.

Good oral hygiene also includes visiting the dentist twice a year. Going to the dentist means that you not only get an annual general cleaning but also get your implants inspected. Your dentist can evaluate whether the implants still fit properly or need to be readjusted. When choosing a dentist in NJ, make sure that like Dr. Sam Romano, he is a dental practitioner who can be trusted to provide reliable dental implant installation services.