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MADISON DENTIST RECEIVES PRESTIGIOUS MASTERSHIP FROM ACADEMY OF GENERAL DENTISTRY Madison, NJ 9/6/2019 – The Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) is pleased to announce that Samuel Romano, DMD, of Madison, NJ received the prestigious Mastership Award during the AGD’s convocation ceremony, a commencement celebration that recognizes AGD member’s commitment to excellence in dental education. During […]

What You Need to Know About Sedation Dentistry NJ Dentists Do

Remember that episode of Glee where the kids were sedated during a dental check-up, and they ended up singing Britney Spears songs in their head? Although the whole Britney Spears angle might not happen, a sedation dentist New Jersey residents trust can sedate you during dental procedures, which can help if you suffer from dental […]

Sedation Dentistry. “What’s up with that”?

As one of the very few dentists licensed to administer IV sedation in NJ (other than Oral Surgeons there are less than 100 IV sedation permits in NJ) I get a lot of patients calling the office for the service. They come from throughout northern and central NJ looking for something that almost all don’t […]


Understanding Dental Phobias First of all, you need to understand that dental phobia is very common among a lot of people. The main cause of triggers of dental phobia may be the fear of shots, hearing and fearing dental drill, and also the typical cold atmosphere that people would normally experience inside the dental practice. […]

Sedation Dentistry can be for patients who are anxious about seeing the dentist

Sedation Dentistry is a service for patients who are anxious about their dental procedures, or have the common apprehension known as dental phobia. All too often patients are putting off getting the dental care they need due to panic and stress about seeing the dentist. Today, however, patients can undergo sedation and actually sleep through […]