CEREC Techology

Chairside Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics or CEREC technology can provide you with any number of porcelain restorations in minutes and reduces patient time spent in the dentist chair.
Currently patients who have fillings made of metal or other harsh material often feel uncomfortable smiling because the filling doesn’t match the color of the rest of their teeth. CEREC provides patients with the option of having your next dental restoration permanently corrected in just one visit to the dentist.

During a CEREC dental restoration, the patients teeth are examined to determine what treatment will best provide their needs and desires. If a CEREC restoration is recommended, the patients tooth is prepared for restoration and an optical impression of your tooth will be made. This high-resolution optical impression will be used to create a ceramic restoration that perfectly fits your tooth and matches the rest of your teeth.

In about 15 minutes, the CEREC milling machine will sculpt your ceramic restoration from a block of porcelain. Once the restoration has been tested for proper fit and so that it does not interfere with your bite, it is permanently bonded to the patients tooth. The end result is a ceramic restoration that looks and feels just like your natural teeth.
Dentist using CEREC technology
CEREC technology can be used to create:

Posterior Crowns
Anterior Crowns
Partial Crowns