Dental Implants in New Jersey: A Product of Years of Evolution

Continuously improving medical skills and technology allow the field of dentistry to develop and offer the best possible treatments for patients. Dentists today are not only equipped in providing cure for oral problems, but also in restoring healthy dental conditions and avoiding the recurrence of oral maladies.

One of the most popular dental solutions these days is the dental implant New Jersey dental offices employ. Regardless if the patient has severely damaged teeth or missing ones, the natural-looking implants can make a difference. These dental implants can restore one’s complete set of pearly whites, only stronger and better this time.

Apart from the benefits that dental implants offer, the evolution of this dental solution makes it even more interesting. Who would have thought that even the ancient generations already had the idea of having artificial teeth as replacement for original ones? Indeed, the implants that New Jersey dentists like Dr. Sam Romano use today is actually a product of long years of scientific evolution.

According to historical accounts, the development of these dental implants in New Jersey started out thousands of years ago. The American Academy of Dental Implants cited that ancient Egyptians already practiced the concept of artificial teeth replacements as they used shells to replace their missing teeth. However, it was not until the 1950s that the next significant development on dental implants took place. During this time, Swedish surgeon P. I. Branemark experimented on biocompatible metal titanium and its potential use for dental implants. Thanks to his findings, manufacture of dental implants became easier three decades later, giving patients better access to reliable teeth replacements.

As people welcomed the golden age of dentistry, they also bid goodbye to their artificial dentures and removable dental appliances. Instead of bearing with dental solutions that can only offer short-term remedies, they opted to have more durable artificial teeth that can last longer and appear more natural. They no longer need to be conscious about the way they eat and speak because the synthetic pearly whites are placed securely in their gums.

Above all, the dental implant NJ dentists like Dr. Sam Romano employ now come in a variety of styles and forms that can cater to individual needs and preferences of people. Of course, the materials used, including the biocompatible metal titanium, are of better quality and improved manufacturing. This ensures patients they are a getting safe and effective dental remedy.