Friends of the Madison Chamber of Commerce Give Back in Support of Jack Morris Scholarship Fund

Dr. Romano at a Madison Chamber of Commerce eventBonnie L. Cramer; Friday, May 3, 2013 • 12:16am

MADISON, NJ – On Thursday night., friends of the Madison Chamber of Commerce met at Poor Herbie’s at 17 Waverly Place to pay special tribute to a lifelong Madisonian and support the Jack Morris Memorial Scholarship Fund.

In a bartender showdown, Dr. Sam Romano, Mike Odell of Odell, and Critchley and Karen D’Addario of Maison Decor waited on friends serving favorite libations and teasing the crowd with trivia questions about the Madison community. Guests earned $20 Madison gift certificates for correct answers.

Bartender Karen D’Addario waited on customers and showed her sense of spirit by wearing a temporary tattoo that said “Love Madison, Shop Madison.”

Bartender Mike Odell asked ” What is the name of the oldest home in Madison, and where is it located?”

“It’s the Miller House on Ridgedale,” said Fran Mantone, a longtime Madison resident and also a close friend of the late Jack Morris.

“Jack and I served on the Council together. He was very kind. He was so honest and very easy to work with. He was a good man who did a great deal for the Madison community,” she said.

Mike Odell said, “Another trivia question – What year did Dr. Sam Romano graduate? With a lot of excitement, Suzanne Bassolino answered, ” I know this.1977!” Bassolino was hired by Dr. Sam Romano as a part time dental assistant in 1987 and remembered that fact.

As Dr. Sam Romano poured drinks and waited on customers, he posed another trivia question. “What were two previous names of this restaurant before it became Poor Herbie’s? Surprisingly and so fitting that the late Jack Morris’ daughter, Ginger, answered with “O’Brien’s and Henry’s.”

Ginger not only won the $20 gift certificate, but someone let it be known that it was her birthday and a large cluster of friends broke out in song with a round of “Happy Birthday to You!”

Mayor Bob Conley and former Mayor Mary Anna Holden were also there to support the cause.

Karen Meyer, president of the Chamber of Commerce, said, “We really appreciate Judy Mullin’s generosity in providing us with the space at Poor Herbie’s so we could do this. A portion of the total tab and all the money in the tip jars tonight will go to the fund. It’s really great to see so many people here with a sense of giving back.”

From The Alternative Press