How to Get New Jersey Dental Implants for a Whole Lot Less

Living in the Garden State doesn’t live up to the image of flowers and butterflies its name conjures up if you find yourself struggling with your dentures day in and day out. Perhaps you’re tired of having to remove and brush them after every meal. Or maybe you just hate those occasions when you’re running late and forget to put them on, causing you to rush back and lose more precious time. If this is the case, you should look at getting New Jersey dental implants for yourself. These metal-based root devices attached to a patient’s jaw as posts for artificial crowns are some of the latest dentistry solutions for tooth loss.

There’s only one slight catch: a dental implant is considerably more costly than dentures or fixed bridges. The surgical procedure can burn a hole in your pocket, especially since it requires more than one visit to your dentist, and the price ranges anywhere from $850 to as high as $3,500 per tooth. What might even create a bigger problem is finding out later on that your insurance doesn’t cover it.

So now you’re probably wondering if there’s a way to get a dental implant without breaking the bank. Here are some things you can try to save on the cost of dental implant surgery.

1. Drop a line with your state’s local dental association. Some states’ local dental groups or societies recognize that some people can’t afford good dental care, so they ask their members to render services such as oral cleaning and New Jersey sedation dentistry for free. While there might be some requirements, they can refer you to a qualified dental professional who may be willing to waive the implant placement fee.

2. Talk to your insurance provider. Your insurance company may not cover the expense of getting dental implants, but do check with them before the procedure is carried out. Some don’t cover it, while others may if you specifically ask about it.

3. Look for a nonprofit organization. As with many other medical professions, some dental practitioners form organizations that provide free dental care, ably sponsored and assisted by seasoned volunteer dentists. These groups hold events in various parts of the country, and you can check their calendar to find out if they will soon have one in your area. Keep in mind, however, that you would still need to pay for the implant itself.

As you might realize, free NJ dental implants may not be available for some time or in the very near future. But whatever your dental needs are, you can rely on trustworthy New Jersey dentists like Dr. Sam Romano to offer quality dental services at reasonable rates.