Loose Tooth? Visit a Dentist in NJ to Get the Right Treatment

You are happily eating your bowl of tortilla chips while watching the game on TV. All of a sudden, you feel something loose inside your mouth-one of your teeth nudges with every push of your tongue. Then, you suddenly get the urge to pull the loose tooth out since it will fall off eventually. However, the dentist NJ residents visit says to leave it alone and let it take its time.

Loose teeth are natural, especially among milk teeth where it is an indication that a harder batch will take its place. Loose teeth can also occur when your teeth was hit by something hard, like a fastball. A person can lose his tooth in many situations, usually prompting a visit to the dentist in NJ to take a look at it. If this happens to you, take note of the following tips so you do not end up making the situation worse.

Let it be

Most dentists like Dr. Sam Romano tell their patients to let the loose tooth come off rather than force it out of the gums. Forcing the tooth out when it is not yet ready to come out may trigger excruciating pain and infection. If possible, try to avoid food that require chewing for a while and let your loose tooth rest.

Floss and doorknob

This is a common method of removing teeth where the loose tooth is tied to the door knob with dental floss. The force of the door moving away will pull the tooth out of its place in a whim. However, most dentists do not recommend this method especially when dealing with children’s loose teeth. It may scare them and give the wrong impression, making them all the more hesitant about treating it.

Do it yourself

Loose teeth in children also have a different guideline–you can convince them to pull the tooth out by themselves. As it is their tooth, they have a better grasp of how much pain they can endure while pulling their loose tooth out. However, as mentioned previously, let them do this once the tooth is loose enough for safe extraction. It can diminish the sensation of pain and make it easier to pull it out.

Let a dentist do it

If neither you nor your child is confident enough to pull loose teeth out, let an implant dentist NJ has to offer do it. He has the right tools to perform tasks like pulling loose teeth out. He is also trained to control his hands when pulling, making him a safer option than doing the pulling yourself.