New Jersey Dental Implants and Cigarettes Just Don’t Add Up

For years, dental implants have been the solution for replacing missing teeth with titanium roots and synthetic crowns. The New Jersey dental implant procedure performed by dentists like Dr. Sam Romano gives people with missing teeth a reason to smile and eat properly. In exchange for having a fresh set of teeth, dentists ask their patients to eat, drink, and live right. So drop that cigarette stick and listen up: dental implants fail when you smoke a pack.

Tel Aviv University

The February 2002 issue of the Journal of Periodontology published a study made by a group of researchers from Tel Aviv University in Israel. They wanted to find out whether or not smoking has a negative effect on dental implants. The researchers evaluated data of 959 implants from 261 patients from 1995 to 1998. For the duration of the study, the patients were divided by how much they smoke: more than 10 sticks, up to 10 sticks, or no sticks at all.

The implant failure rate for smokers registered at four percent, in contrast to the two percent among non-smokers. Complications were more frequent in the smoking group at 46 percent, compared with the 31 percent of the non-smoking group. Citing past related studies, the researchers said smoking inhibits natural healing after any invasive surgery. A limit on smoking habits may reduce the complications in implants.

University of Murcia

A later study, published in the February 2007 issue of the same journal, had a similar aim as the earlier study. Researchers from the University of Murcia in Spain wanted to know how long dental implants will survive among smokers and non-smokers. For this study, they used a smaller sample size of 66 patients, divided into 40 smokers and 26 non-smokers. The smokers group was further divided into light, moderate, and heavy smokers.

The analysis of patients, having received a total of 165 implants, was made for five years using clinical and radiographic data. A total of 16 dental implants failed and required removal, with 15 of the failed implants coming from the smokers group. The researchers concluded that chances of the implants failing as a result of tobacco use are 13 to 1. Like in the previous study, they claim smoking inhibits natural healing necessary for New Jersey dental implants.

The numbers do not lie, which is why smoking must be significantly reduced or halted for the implants to stay. In fact, it does not just involve dental implants but also other areas of dentistry, such as New Jersey sedation dentistry. Remember that choosing the healthy option goes a long way in keeping a fit body—and complete teeth, of course.