Parts of the Dental Implants New Jersey Dentists Provide

Dental implants are one of the most sought-after dental solutions these days. These natural-looking teeth replacements are considered as the most advanced dental technique today because of their edge against artificial dentures and other remedies for severely damaged or missing teeth.

For one, dental implants can last longer than other restorative treatments and these can present a more natural look. Patients granted with the dental implants New Jersey dental offices no longer need to worry about dentures and dental appliances falling off every now and then. Speaking and masticating become easier, too, because the teeth are placed securely in the patients’ gums and not just applied on the surface.

Since the security and comfort that these dental implants offer are their edge against other dental solutions, it is a must to look at how they actually function. This includes knowing their specific parts that make them unique and place them as the dental remedy closest to the natural set of pearly white teeth.

The dental implants NJ dentists like Dr. Sam Romano offer are embedded into the gums and the jaw bone individually. Unlike dentures that are often designed in clusters, dental implants are applied just like how an original set of teeth would grow. They have roots that come in the form of titanium implant screws; thus, they are secured in gingival tissues like authentic teeth. The implant screw also functions as the periodontal ligament that holds the tooth stronger in place; this component is topped by an implant abutment. The abutment, conversely, serves as the bolt where the artificial enamel crown is attached.

The manufactured crown fitted to the bolt is made of artificial materials that have properties akin to the actual enamel surface of teeth. It is often a combination of metal and porcelain, imitating the sturdy yet polished composition of teeth surfaces. Since this is the topmost part of the implant, dental technicians make sure these are visually pleasing and strong enough to fulfill the functional and aesthetic aspects of the procedure.

Although a dental implant procedure seems too complicated, patients have nothing to be afraid of. For one, the dental implants in NJ dental offices are made of top quality materials that can assure patients of safety and efficiency. They also have nothing to worry about the metal part of the implant because that is made of biocompatible metal titanium, which is safe for biological applications.