Crowns & Bridgework in Madison NJ

Restore missing or chipped teeth with Crowns and Bridges

To restore your smile to its original glory and regain your dental health from decayed, broken or missing teeth, we may use crowns and bridges as part of your treatment. Porcelain crowns and bridges look entirely natural and can be inserted seamlessly.


Porcelain Crowns are strong, long-lasting ceramic sleeves that cover decayed, broken or brittle teeth . Looking as natural as real teeth, crowns restore function and aesthetically enhance your smile by fitting precisely over a tooth.

Crowns are a common treatment and we have systems in place to make the treatment as simple, effective and as painless as possible. The crowns are carefully constructed to match the opposing tooth aesthetically and ensure a correct bite.


If one or more teeth have been lost, we would recommend either dental implants or a bridge. A bridge can fill a gap of up to four teeth if there are healthy natural teeth on either side of the gap. The bridge will replace missing teeth and will appear entirely natural. A bridge is made of porcelain or porcelain and metal that replaces missing teeth in the most natural way possible.

Crown & Bridge FAQ

Q: I have a number of black fillings, what can I have done to improve this?

A: The black filling material used in your teeth is amalgam. It has been used as a filling material for over a hundred years; it’s still one of the strongest materials available.

However, it’s about as unattractive a filling material as you can get. There are a number of other tooth-colored restorative materials currently available that can be used to replace old amalgams.

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