Restoring a Beautiful Smile with Dental Implants in NJ

Not having a full smile can be a source of insecurity. People who have this kind of oral health problem often possess low self-esteem and are sometimes a source of mockery. Dental implants in NJ can be a permanent solution to this problem.

There are many reasons for replacing missing teeth. Appearance, confidence and health are the top three factors why people decide on getting the kind of dental implants NJ dentists provide. Often, missing teeth can lead to a misshapen mouth or, worse, misshapen facial features. As soon as a tooth or set of teeth are lost, the supporting bone in the jaw begins to dissolve. This process, called resorption, indicates that the longer the tooth is missing, the greater the bone loss. As teeth are not replaced, it becomes more difficult to eat and chew. This makes the face appear older because of deformity in the mouth area.

Having missing teeth is also a huge hindrance during social or business interactions. It’s hard to be yourself when you have to hide an embarrassing oral condition. Not being one of those people with a great smile can even be an impediment to success because of the constraints it creates. Anyone with this condition can feel inadequate.

Good oral health is something which your dental implant can help you regain almost instantly. While confidence and appearance may take some time to rebuild, your oral health is something you can get back pretty fast. With a full set of teeth, you can eat and speak normally again. You don’t have to evade social interactions, and you can eat anything you want. Dental implants look and function like real teeth, so you’re bound to regain your lost confidence in no time.

Usually, the dental implant process consists of imprinting the jaw and teeth to know what size of implants would be most appropriate for the patient. Then, the dental implant surgery is performed, involving the installation of titanium tooth roots in the jaw before attaching a natural-looking tooth onto each root. The length of the procedure depends on the patient’s dental condition and capacity to recover.

The specific kind of dental implant NJ patients would receive depends on the dentist’s discretion. Some implants can replace a tooth or a missing set of teeth in a matter of days. Others can be placed within an hour through the use of advanced imaging and computer design technology.