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Dr. Romano is one of fewer than 50 dentists in NJ who has an active IV parental New Jersey sedation dentistry permit. He is also among more than 7,000 dentists who administer oral sedation. With this permit, the office is able to serve more individuals whom might not be eligible to receive oral sedation dentistry in NJ.

Going to the dentist can be challenging for many. The thought of coming into the office and having work done causes many people to experience dental anxiety. Sedation dentistry is used to provide a more relaxing experience during any dental treatment, from the simplest filling to major dental procedures.

With the sedation dentistry New Jersey patients can undergo, they can be sure that you will be very comfortable and at ease during treatment. You will be in a deeply relaxed state. IV and Oral Sedation are very safe procedures and after treatment you will have very little memory of the procedure. During our delivery of New Jersey sedation dentistry, we are always with you. Your vital signs are continuously monitored during you entire procedure, and you are never alone. Your safety and comfort is paramount to our entire team.

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Understanding Dental Phobias

Dental Anxiety and Nervousness in Summit NJ

You are not alone. In 30 years of practice I have had many patients for whom being caring and gentle was not enough. Dental phobia is very common among a lot of people. The main cause or triggers of dental phobia may be the fear of shots, hearing and fearing dental drill, and also the typical cold atmosphere that people would normally experience inside the dental practice. These phobias can cause panic, shyness, and social anxieties. Anxious patients will sometimes put off coming into the office for their preventative maintenance leading to more complex dental issues down the road. Other triggers are strong gag reflex, difficulty in becoming numb, previous traumatic experience during dental treatment, and sensitive teeth. Our caring Sedation Dentistry New Jersey team makes it a point to ensure that every one of our patients are comfortable and relaxed throughout their visit. Our family dental practice has a warm and relaxed environment that will make you feel right at home.

With the use of Sedation Dentistry, we have been able to take care of any of our patients needs. Take a look at the video below to see how we were able to use sedation dentistry in NJ to help this family.

American Healthline Video: Featuring Sedation Dentistry and Dr. Sam Romano