The Kind of Dental Implants New Jersey Residents Need

Dental implants were developed in Sweden in 1952 by Professor Per-Ingvar Brånemark. This professor coined the term “osseointegration” which means the attachment of healthy bone to a titanium implant. Today, the installation of NJ dental implants is common as patients go for a more permanent fix to their dental worries.

Because dental implants are permanent, these also provide long-lasting oral health solutions to those with missing teeth. Resorption is a process where the jaw bone erodes or melts over the time that the teeth were lost. It also causes deformity in the mouth area because the gums have collapsed and shrunk. This makes the person look old and is an inhibition to proper speech and adequate nutrition.

When you have missing teeth, it’s impossible to talk straight and to eat right. If you finally opt for dental implants New Jersey dentists can provide, you will achieve a fuller life and a healthier smile. Never again will you have to feel embarrassed about your oral condition, and you will surely look and feel like your youthful self again.

The procedure involves imprinting the jaw and teeth, which is crucial to assess the measurements needed for the dental implant, as well as the dental health condition of the patient if he is qualified for the implant. X-rays or CT scans are also performed to check the quality of the jaw bone for a titanium root attachment.

If there is insufficient bone structure due to resorption, a bone grafting procedure is conducted to develop a jawbone for the implant. The bone must ideally be taken from the patient’s own body to heal faster. The bone can be taken from the chin, lower jaw, hip, and tibia.

Dental implants are performed under local anesthetic. Sedation can also be used for extreme conditions. Holes are then drilled in the jawbone at the intended location for the dental implant. Titanium screws or roots are tightly fitted into the hole, and the gum is stitched back over the implant then left to heal. After the healing period, a temporary dental crown will be attached. Usually, it takes a lot of time for the gums to heal. However, when it does, the final permanent restoration may then be attached.

The dental implant New Jersey residents can be privileged to have can be obtained through NJ dentists like Dr. Sam Romano. It looks and feels much better than temporary dental treatments. Dental implants are very durable, and they are treated like real teeth. People who receive dental implants can regain a happier and healthier smile, as well as the self-confidence that was lost prior to the implant.